14” 3D Phone Screen Magnifier Review 2022

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Are you stuck in your homes due to covid crisis?

 Of course, most of you are, and I’m sure you are spending your maximum time on your mobile phones. Right? You might be using your phones for different purposes. It may be some entertainment, online study, or business.

 What about buying a phone screen magnifier in such circumstances? A phone screen magnifier is one of the nifty gadgets. It adds more fun to your mobile activities by enlarging the display of your phone.

 However, I praise this gadget for enhancing the readability of small print. If you frequently read the stuff in the soft form then you’ll surely love this gadget. It offers a pretty legible font size to you.

 Let me explain the exciting features of the cell phone magnifier screen from my own experience.


1.Design of the 14” phone screen magnifier

 This remarkable magnifier offers you a 14 inches screen that enlarges the actual vision 3 to 4 times. The magnifier consists of a fresnel lens which perfectly concentrates the light. In addition, this top-quality lens is quite sturdy and not easy to break.

 If you do not find the height of the screen suitable, you can use the bottom bracket support. I often do so. Plus, the drawer design of the phone's magnifying screen offers protection to it.

 Moreover, the silicon pad present at the back supports the cell phone and ensures its safety. Therefore, I do not feel any fear of my cell phone slipping while using this excellent gadget.


2.Highly Portable

I greatly admire the foldable design of this 3D phone screen magnifier. It allows me to carry it anywhere I want due to its lightweight. You can also avail of its portable feature to carry it for camping, traveling, and indoors.

 I feel great while carrying it as it has a pretty generous and chic appearance.


3.Wide Compatibility


This cell phone magnifier screen shows wide compatibility with many phone models. I use it for magnifying the screen of my iPhone as well as the Samsung Galaxy 10. Thus, you don't need to fret about the model of your mobile as it can fit most smartphones.



 It provides outstanding visual effects. Though I have eyesight issues, it still prevents me from visual fatigue. Especially, I feel pretty comfortable while reading through it. In addition, it also prevents your body due to its anti-radiant property.


The blue-ray radiation protection technology and HD zoom optical make it safe and sound for you. However, these features also enhance the quality of the image. You'll love to watch the videos by using this gadget. It not only offers magnified vision but also provides high-definition images.

 Moreover, according to my observations, two meters is the best viewing distance.


No battery requirement

 You will be glad to know that there is no need for a battery to power this gadget. It keeps me away from the charging hassles, which really mean to me.


Beneficial Tips

 As per my experience with this product you should take the following considerations while using it;


  • You should keep 1 to 3 meters of the distance between you and the phone screen magnifier.
  • It is preferable to use it at night due to less light. It can not be seen well under strong light.
  • If you want to get a perfect watching effect, then it is better to slightly adjust the brightness of your mobile.


Usage Instructions

 If you are a newbie to using a cell phone magnifier screen, you may need a guide for its usage.

 Let me help you out in this regard!


  • Unpack the packaging of the product.
  • Open it and gently pull the lens out.
  • Lift the lens fully in the upward direction.
  • Open the mobile holder and raise it. Use the bottom bracket if the height does not satisfy you.
  • Finally, fit your cell phone and enjoy your favorite movie on it.


What are the drawbacks of Phone Screen Magnifier?

 Undoubtedly, the overall performance of this gadget is outstanding, yet you can also face some minor issues.

 If you're planning to watch a movie on it with your family, then stop thinking about it. This is because only one person can watch it perfectly. It is only perfectly visible to you if you watch it in front of the screen.

 Furthermore, it is made up of plastic so I need to take extra care. Otherwise, it may break as a result of falling down. However, some people may find it a bit costly.


Final Verdict

 The cell phone magnifier screen is the best recommendation for the ones who have poor eyesight. Also, if you are fond of watching movies, then you should prefer it rather than your small phone screen.


Besides, it is the best gift you can give your beloved ones. Thus, stop wasting your time and buy a phone screen magnifier for yourself. I’m sure you will never regret your decision after buying this gadget.